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Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas Volumen 2.

Francisco Colasanto, as part of his academic work at the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts, is writing the second volume of his book "Max / MSP: programming guide for artists." This volume will be released in electronic format only (initially for iPad) and organized thematic modules. The first module is entitled "Max 6: interface" and can be downloaded from iTunes:

This novel proposal of Francisco Colasanto on Max/MSP represents a further step in building projects of training materials at the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) and consolidation of the research projects of Francis. There are several things worth mentioning. In the first instance could be identified as the result of the new phase of work CMMAS, where we try to actualize and utilize the latest technologies for the creation, dissemination and distribution of content. Somehow, in this new publication, all in the CMMAS, we had a work described as "satellite" because they constantly turn around work of Francis, who has become central to the existence and technical capacity of the Centre . Those of us around him have seen the growth of the project had been planned even before the birth of CMMAS and have seen the tenacity and conviction with which he has worked on this new step in extending the scope of such a significant project. This text is then the result of a personal and professional long time and tremendous effort that went from being single to being a team project. It also demonstrates a commitment to teaching and research seriously and I dare say is unique in its kind in Latin America and probably internationally. Demonstrates an ability to understand the work of creative sound interested in Max / MSP, diverse and focused on defined objectives that are intended to provide useful tools for the artist direct.

"Max / MSP: Program Guide for Artists" in its new phase represents a tangible sign of concern Colasanto for sharing their knowledge of the transcendent tool in recent years with the composers and sound artists interested in technology. This text complements the editorial efforts of CMMAS so unique in that it becomes the most ambitious training and research. With this, the Centre aims to become an alternative capable of promoting the intelligent use of professional and advanced tools. New technologies offer additional capacity to interact and understand the essential details of different topics on Max / MSP and with them go the learning in a personalized, detailed and technologically attractive.

This e-book, then, is a research and teaching technique that has successfully integrated a system of transmission of complex knowledge in an efficient and well-devised with the advantage that you can follow the text at different levels of depth. Can be used as a reference source on the Max programming language, which has become essential for all artists interested in the control of audio, MIDI devices and current cutting edge technologies, but at the same time I am sure to be a invaluable resource for those who are interested in learning step by step programming language that is installed as central today and experience it so clearly linked to the creative process. This text Francisco has made all Max can understand from a perspective that is useful to us as artists. Procedures, examples and levels of depth and complexity that controls the reader and allows then, whenever we need to rethink review. The author invites us to share approaches to solving problems on how to work the sound, but with a clear perspective of educational and technical experience gives this text authority sure will be demonstrated over time.

Today, in a world of technology that becomes obsolete at birth, we wonder what the meaning of a text about a specific tool. I think this has been clearly identified by the author from the beginning, and the result is a compendium of strategies and examples updated on thought structures implemented so that changes and improvements in equipment and software versions do not affect significantly. I say this because the idea of ​​modular and consolidated objects for Max / MSP as a revolutionary, has been identified as an efficient teaching method with which the book simultaneously offers an explanation and experimentation with objects and specific elements of Max, but also a general explanation of why and how of each procedure, object and idea. Thus, it supports a form of learning that transcends specific versions and models. Colasanto seeks to teach Max / MSP but also likes to teach to learn Max / MSP.

For CMMAS is a central step in the consolidation of the aspirations of becoming a space for reflection on what technology and its implementation means for creative work. It is without doubt a final step in our attempt to show that in Mexico can be a space of international scope that can promote the creation, training and production, while it remains a public nature center. CMMAS is then a space of connection and transfer of knowledge through creative processes that can be shared only through experience and conscious reflection on the meaning and impact of new technologies. This project is a cornerstone for achieving this goal and I'm sure will be an important part of a change in the landscape for Spanish-speaking artists to which the text will provide the necessary information to join, so prepared and criticism, technological artistic medium internationally.

I have no more to be thankful as director of CMMAS, institutions that have supported this project, staff CMMAS to create a single area of ​​work and commitment to the human growth of all who work here and the community of Michoacán which we belong. I thank Francisco for sharing with us, so selfless and creative, knowledge and experience are now available through the new mobile devices, this paper has shown that serves the needs of many artists since its first edition printed in 2010. I invite you to experience Max / MSP differently, friendly, clear and above all useful. Are holding the best tool on Max / MSP to support the use of the best tool there is: creativity.

Dr. Rodrigo Sigal
Director, CMMAS

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