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Coloquio Salvador Contreras – 2021 Artes sonoras y creación musical en México: siglo XXI
From enero 19º 2021 to diciembre 31º 2021
Lugar: virtual

Sound arts and musical creation are manifested in the Mexico of 2020 with an overflowing impetus, both in aesthetics and in resources, in technologies and in sound and conceptual hybridizations. From the amazement of verifying this phenomenon, the proposal for a colloquium / dialogue / debate arose that seeks to understand the current moment from a handful of topics:

The validity of the deed; the creators and creators performers; the network as a scenic space; the chaos; the pandemic and sound aesthetics; conceptual migrations; border imaginary; the intersections that foster unsuspected territories ...

The vehement presence of female authors is a sign, young people together with once marginal figures, voices that investigate connections to the 21st century, experiments that promote parables and eccentric and concentric trajectories: a compendium of sounds, works, codes on the fly and scores without spelling.

This event is driven by the determination of the National Center for Research, Documentation and Musical Information "Carlos Chávez" (Cenidim) to reactivate its links with the community of creators and creators, and the recognition of the composer Salvador Contreras through a contest that promotes young talents.

Composers, creators and makers in action: sound put into words.


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