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Convocatoria Revista Ricercare | Ideas Sónicas
From mayo 31º 2021 to marzo 15º 2022

Call for papers
Despite the fact that there is no limit to the invention of instruments to produce sound, history, throughout time and civilizations, enshrined only few of them as those more suited to make music. Therefore, the instruments that are considered “classics” are those that have been able to both yield a repertoire and to conform and transform according to the new expressive needs of creators and audiences. These adjustments do not necessarily imply a structural modification of the instrument, which is often only the starting point toward an extension of its timbral and sonic capacities. To this end, technology plays, of course, a crucial role.

Ricercare, music journal of the Universidad EAFIT, jointly with Ideas Sónicas, journal of the Centro Mexicano para la Música y los Artes Sonoros (CMMAS), accept articles that explore innovative ideas, proposals and reflexions around the subject of digital lutherie, smart and, in particular, augmented instruments. Please, submit your texts before February 1st, 2022, to be selected and peer reviewed (

We will publish up to 5articles.