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Perspectivas Sonoras 2021
From marzo 10º 2021 to diciembre 31º 2021
Lugar: virtual

Perspectivas Sonoras 2021 is a series of concerts and conferences that will take place from April to September 2021 virtually by the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts, CMMAS

Since the founding of the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts, CMMAS in 2006, we have worked to contribute to the musical and sound development both in Mexico and internationally. Through its action programs, it fosters the creation, promotes and disseminates the work of emerging Mexican and foreign artists and creators with extensive experience; It provokes the formation of audiences through programs for children and young people and the general public and contributes to specialized training in current and essential topics for professional creation and development.

With Perspectivas Sonoras for 2021 we intend to resume and continue our activities to disseminate, promote and encourage the creation of music and sound art, presenting the work of Latin American artists.

After the Covid-19 pandemic at a global level, 2020 has been a year of focusing creativity on strategies and methods both to continue and to strengthen artistic development, preserving the safety and health of all. New technologies have always been a tool for communication, creation and above all for the transfer of knowledge, connectivity, rapprochement and artistic exchange.