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Residencia Pablo Rubio Vectores Aurales, realidad aumentada del espacio-sonido
From febrero 1º 2021 to diciembre 31º 2021

The postdoctoral residency plan explores the human perception of sound-space implemented by ring encoding-decoding technology in multichannel systems. The objective is to study the human perception of sound-space under two premises to the phenomenon: a) recreate sound trajectories or vectors; b) coding-decoding systems of a space in a given time. The objective is to collect enough data through experimentation implemented in different stages of the project, such as field recordings, capture reverberant-convolution response data from a specific place and calibrated listening sessions evaluating the human perception of locating the sound in movement by means of digital tools.


Pablo Rubio Vargas is a composer, multimedia artist as well as academic. His music has been presented in various forums and countries such as Germany, Colombia, France, the United States, Taiwan and Mexico. He is currently developing research as a postdoc on the environment of sound-spatial perception at ENES-UNAM. He successfully completed his doctoral studies in algorithmic composition at the University of California Santa Cruz in 2019. He has obtained various distinctions such as the Young Creators of the FONCA in two issues 2018 and 2015. In 2013 he completed a master's degree in Improvisation, Integrated Technology to the Composition in ICU. Pablo participates as an active member of various artistic groups such as Interciclos, Et Al, among others. As an artist Pablo has been interested in linking his artistic work in multidisciplinary projects such as the Robotic Hearing, Enhancement of Human Aural Location collaboration developed between the IIMAS of UNAM and UC-Mexus.

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